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Ovido Elite

Regular price $999.00

Welcome to personalized hearing! With our groundbreaking Ovido Elite™, you will have greater access to your hearing like never before at a price that won't break the bank. Our hearing aids are made with a customized chip designed in the United States. Ovido Elite™ has innovative technology that adapts to the user's listening environment. With bluetooth capability, you're able to adjust volume, switch modes (for different listening environments) and, through the use of a few other tools, dial in your hearing for the BEST listening experience possible. Here is what you receive when you purchase The Ovido Elite™ rechargeable hearing aids:

  • Take full control of your hearing with the new Ovido Elite™ hearing application available on both iOS and Android devices
  • With access to 16 channels for filtering and compression, enjoy much greater sound quality at an affordable price compared to the competition
  • Superior rechargeability. Our Ovido Elite™ hearing aids charge in three hours and last close to 20 hours. Plenty of battery life to get you through your day whether you have a quiet or busy lifestyle
  • Some of the more advanced features in our application include:
    • Adjusting ear specific volume
    • Adjusting the amount of background noise reduction
    • Adjusting the amount of wind noise reduction
    • Adjusting the amount of speech enhancement (to help in those extra difficult listening environments)
    • Self-fitting hearing test - You now have the ability to take a hearing test right through your hearing aids in the comfort of your own home and with our Smart Optimizeralgorith, have that test applied directly to your hearing aids for a more customized fit
  • Easy To Use: Timbre's Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing devices work right out of the box. Simple adjustments like volume and program control can be done utilizing the multi-function button built onto the back of the hearing aids
  • Nearly Invisible: The Ovido Elite™ fits snug behind your ear and fits great even if you have glasses
  • Health Benefits: Studies show that by hearing your best, you improve your health by staying well connected to what matters most, your friends and family

We can't wait for you to experience some the latest hearing aid technology for 80% less than what you would pay traditionally!


Unmatched Ovido Technology

It seems like there are as many hearing aids on the market as there are people that need them. None of them are as groundbreaking as Ovido™ Elite. Developed with you in mind, the Ovido™ Elite hearing aid is custom designed with adaptive technology. That means you can customize it for your needs, your environments, your hearing loss - all without the cumbersome office visits. Bluetooth technology allows you to adjust the volume, switch modes, and troubleshoot from an app on your phone.

No Special Equipment Needed

One of the most difficult parts of being fitted for hearing aids is the adjustment period. The settings your audiologist provides in a quiet office are rarely accurate for your normal, day-to-day life. Ovido™ Elite takes the guess work, and frustrating back and forth out of the equation with the revolutionary Timbre app. Now you can easily change your own settings to meet the needs of your environment from your smartphone or tablet. 

Every Ovido™ purchase comes with:

The hearing aid you need, without costly and time-consuming office visits.

Quick, easy adjustments based on where you are, when you are there. 

No need to twist, turn, bend, or dial. Everything you need to get the hearing you want is right in the Timbre app

Programs For Your Life

Each Ovido™ arrives programed for the most common environments you will encounter.

Want to change between programs or adjust the volume?

The Timbre app lets you change settings from your tablet or smart phone.

Join the Ovido™ Revolution

Ready to experience the Ovido™ difference? Contact us to find out more and schedule your free consultation. Enjoy our 45-day risk-free trial period. We will even pay shipping and handling. Wear them at home, at work, at the gym, in the park, and experience the difference better hearing can make in your life and in your health. If you aren't completely satisfied with your Ovido™ hearing aids, return them for a full refund. Call today and start experiencing better hearing health tomorrow.

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