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Many people with a hearing loss are reluctant to do something about it. Not wanting to "look old" or thinking "it's not that bad" may be a coping mechanism in the short term, but in the long run, treating a hearing loss can lead to a better quality of life as well as better health.

Did you Know?

People who treat their hearing loss:

  • Are less likely to develop dementia, Alzheimer's disease and depression
  • Retain their brain function longer than those who leave their hearing loss untreated
  • Have better relationships with loved ones
It's not surprising when you consider what you miss when you cannot hear well. You miss conversations, special moments, whispered compliments, punchlines to jokes. What may be shocking is the fact that the better you hear, the better your brain function remains intact.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University discovered that as we lose our hearing, we also lose the subtle balance clues we rely on to remain upright. We are more likely to fall unexpectedly causing unnecessary injuries. They also discovered that the brain atrophies faster when it no longer processes speech the way it is meant to. What's worse, it's a condition that happens quickly. The less you process speech, the less you are able to process speech, the longer it takes for your brain to remember how once you have hearing help.

Time Recaptured, Hearing Regained

It's easy to think the process of fitting and fine-tuning hearing aids is too cumbersome to bother. After all, it takes countless trips to the audiologist to repeatedly have them fitted, have them checked and have them adjusted.

But what if you could enjoy better hearing, better health and a better quality of life without the back and forth?

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Introducing the Ovido™. This hearing aid is a custom design with an Adaptive Chip proudly made in the United States. Ovido™ has innovative technology that adapts to the user's listening environment. Our bluetooth capability will allow you to adjust volume and switch modes for added customization. Here are some of the great features of the Ovido™:

  • Easy Adjustments: With the Timbre APP, you can easily adjust the volume of each ear independently and switch between different modes to help you hear better in different listening environments
  • Perfect For: mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Easy To Use: Timbre's Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing devices work right out of the box. Simple adjustments like volume and program control can be done utilizing the multi-function button built onto the back of the hearing aids
  • Nearly Invisible: The Ovido Elite™ fits snug behind your ear and fits great even if you have glasses
  • Health Benefits: Studies show that by hearing your best, you improve your health by staying well connected to what matters most, your friends and family

We can't wait for you to experience some the latest hearing aid technology for 80% less than what you would pay traditionally!



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